Heineken Can 500ML

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Heineken is a perfectly carbonated alcoholic drink with a refreshing clarity, well known for its signature green bottle and the red star. It pours a straw yellow colour with a firm foam head. The beer has a balanced richness in taste, slightly sweet with low bitterness. The body is light, and carbonation is medium, with flavours of cereal, bread, and slight com notes. Sister brands include the Amstel and Desperado Beers, both brewed at the Heineken International brewery in Amsterdam.

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Fun Fact: The Heineken Smiling ‘e’. Legend has it that the font was changed in the year 1964 to be more friendly to women.[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/js8iFSTOjKc”]

Additional notes

Alcohol Content 5%
Size 500ml
Country of Origin The Netherlands

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